Dental Services by Apex Dental Surgery

Teeth Cleanings

The primary reason why individuals visit dentists from the time they are kids is to get a cleaning. Some dentists advise patients to go to their cleanings as often as every six months, while others recommend at least one annually.

Teeth Whitening

These procedures are generally painless and straightforward, aside from the fact that many individuals are sensitive about the chemicals used to whiten teeth. At home whitening kits require a lot of additional time and work. You’ll need to spend money on kits before undertaking the procedure yourself.


Cavities are all too common and easy to acquire. For most cavities, a filling is the ideal answer. Acids in food and inside your body can easily destroy tooth enamel when exposed. Luckily, most cavities can be repaired quickly. You may be sedated, which can last for a few hours after the filling is finished; however, it usually only takes about an hour.

Root Canal

Living with a root canal is one many people don’t like, and for understandable reasons. Root canals are often followed by extremely uncomfortable tooth pain. To eliminate the pain, the dental surgeon needs to numb the nerve and remove the infected tissue. You may need to take an antibiotic before the procedure, and it’s quite common for discomfort to persist for a few days.


Braces are gaining popularity—and they’re not even substantially expensive than Invisalign. They aim to correct crooked teeth and be healthier and easier to care for as a result. Traditional braces use metal and other compounds to soften teeth back into place.


This is also a procedure used to repair damaged teeth. It involves the use of a synthetic resin, a plastic that is colored to match your teeth. It’s less invasive than some other alternatives, and may be preferred for smaller pits and chips. Several layers are needed to effectively secure and cover the resin, and a light is used to harden each layer.